’tis the season // for family (portraits)

by thebeaublogmck

we do love each other color

Year after year, I say I’m going to get holiday pictures done and guess what? Never happened. When was there time?! Between selecting the right photographer, finding a location, choosing the outfits and squeezing in the time, it just never happened. But this year, I asked myself, “Does it really have to be so complicated?” And then I answered my own question, “No!” Okay, sure, it may be too late for these to arrive before Christmas. BUT, it’s not too late for a holiday/new year card! Seriously. Here are four simple solutions. And just maybe this mini-shoot by Jamie of Studio 13 Designs will inspire you to do a last-minute holiday card too! Happy Holidays!

handsome everett

1. Finding a photographer. I wanted someone I felt comfortable with but also who knew what they were doing since I have a one year old whose attention span is about as long as my shutter speed. Jamie is both experienced and probably the sweetest most easy-going person I’ve ever met! Not to mention she managed to get great shots of The Boy during his not so greatest time of the day (right before nap time).


2. Location. With Christmas less than two weeks away, I knew our location would have to be somewhere we would go anyway. So I had Jamie tag along to the nearby christmas tree farm and take photos of us picking out our tree!


3. Attire. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on new outfits, but at the same time wanted the photos to be aesthetic. First I chose one color that we would all wear; in this case it was blue. And I had everyone find something in their pre-existing wardrobe that was any shade of blue. Then we all found something to match it; adding in our own pops of color or texture! Next I went shopping for the extra items to bring everything together.


4. The Card. I have two words for you: app store. There are dozens of apps to choose from! Thankfully because this was the part I always dreaded. Picking out the design, getting them printed, and addressing and licking the envelopes.

I used RedStamp. You do everything online; from choosing the design to mailing them off — and wait, it gets better — I did this all from my iPhone!! So here is our simple and first ever holiday photo card!

Imagexo-xo, m.

// she: chambray shirt, dark poppy pencil skirt / him: (similar) v-neck sweater and plaid shirt / the girl: sequins skirt, cardigan / the teenager: sequins tank, gray uggs, / the boy: cardigan, (similar) tie and baby ugg boots //