by thebeaublogmck

oh joy geronimo

The joy’s of New Year’s resolutions — whoever keeps them; I mean really?  I already tried to eat better, exercise more and spend less the year before (and the year before that…and for the last several years), so why put myself through the stress of failing (again)! I think Ralph Waldo Emerson put it perfectly when he said “Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.”  So instead of making technical resolutions,  I’ve given myself goals that are actually attainable.  Such as…

Get these adorable tiny toms (tiny toms burnt orange) for The Boy!

Take the kids to museums more often (as in here, here, and here)… (and here).

Take a day trip to this charming Inn and then to the nearby beach.

Have a glass of champagne at newest champagne bar on the Sonoma Plaza.

See a concert at the Uptown in Napa.

Go to Berkeley more often.  Especially here for the best selection of groceries; in which case I’ll need more of these nifty bags.

Open this book.

Get caught up on our favorite shows (Dexter, Breaking Bad, Shameless True Blood).  And start Homeland!

Go on a family vacation to maui.

Take off for the weekend without kids!  I’m thinking here, here or here.

Make something new from my favorite cookbook.  And try this new restaurant since it’s like a block from my house.

And lastly, do nothing except drink bottomless cups of French Pressed coffee.

What about you guys? How are your resolutions going so far?

(photo from here)