Month: March, 2013

champagne thursday // deux


i’ve been dying to try this elderflower cordial by belvoir fruit farms, so today, we decided to experiment with some of our favorite ingredients to bring you this lovely little drink. don’t you just adore its label!?

simply pour in the elderflower cordial, top it with champagne, squeeze in some fresh blood orange juice, sip and repeat! oh — and don’t forget to use your prettiest glassware! cheers!

// veuve clicquot champagne // elderflower cordial // stemless champagne glass //


row, row, row your boat

last week, we wrote about spring style. here’s a sweet little video that sums up our day on the canals and you can really see beatrice’s dress in action.

by the way, i have to mention that i learned how to make videos in february at video blogshop! bri and angela are so great that they actually teach you how to make videos in photoshop in 1 day! i have a long way to go with my video skills but while editing, i was able to see all the things i can do differently for next time and i  know that they will just get better and better! so look out! for now, enjoy this one.

xxx- beau.

fresh cuts //


ever have one of those days where your hair just doesn’t want to cooperate? well, today is one of those days for me. in fact, since winter ended and spring began, i’ve been tempted to make an impulsive decision to chop off my long locks and get a bob! unfortunately, the pragmatic side of my brain tells me to settle for a trim. so for now, i’ll just swoon over these fresh cuts! Anyone else springing for a new hair cut this season?

if you need more inspiration, take a look at harper bazaar’s favorite 2013 spring haircuts — there’s something for everyone!

(images via style bistro and elle)

time away

kimber here, and back from a quick trip to palm springs. i’m feeling pretty inspired by the beautiful colors we worked with while we were there.

we are on the brink of our one year anniversary of the two, so cassa and i planned to take some new pictures for our website since we actually don’t have any of us on there at the moment. stay tuned for the reveal. it’s pretty exciting because we have learned so many things this year and are very excited to share them. the website is having a makeover and we can’t wait for you to see!
_MG_3266 _MG_3652
this last one, i want to have printed and framed for my apartment. such a beautiful landscape! have you been to joshua tree?? it’s stunning.

xxx -kimber

motherly monday // un


well — it happened. everett had his very first temper tantrum(s) over the weekend. i’m all too familiar with school-aged and teenaged tantrums, but since I’m about 7 years (give or take) out of practice with toddler tantrums, it took me a second to recall what works. my method was to remove him from the situation (in this case it was the kitchen where he wanted something he couldn’t have), very briefly and calmly explained what was happening and then walked away. of course he continued to cry (okay, scream), but after revisiting the situation a couple times, he calmed down and after about 3 minutes, he had forgotten why he started crying in the first place and was happy as a clam! i’m curious, what do you do when your toddlers have tantrums? and what about your older children; do they still have “tantrums”?

p.s. please feel free to email me your questions and suggestions to thebeaublog[at]

photo taken by studio 13 designs

champagne thursday // un

hello there, friends! the girls here at beau. celebrate a little something called, champagne thursday! it’s our way of kicking off the weekend just a tad bit early, because we see no reason to wait until friday.

me and my husband started this tradition several years back as an excuse to celebrate for no good reason but also as a way to set aside time for one another. plus, it’s nice to have something to look forward to each week — no matter what! then over the years, it has just sort of caught on! and today we bring the tradition here!


(image by caitlin mcgauley – also check out her adorable blog)

style // deux

we can’t get enough of the spring time outfits. we must be ready to rid our closets of the plain colors and make room for new and fresh items. i know i wore a lot of black this winter.
for a little extra inspiration, we pulled beatrice away from her internship at who what wear and after a trip to the friday farmer’s market we rowed along the venice canals to let the sun shine on our faces.
here is what she has to say:
while it’s safe to say that sequins never really left the trend radar, most of the 2013 runway shows sported dresses, pants and shirts that glimmered in the catwalk lights. previously, sequins have been attributed to nights out on the town, and the only acceptable sequined outfits were those that were adorned in moderation. now, designers squeezed models into entire outfits that were purely glitter and shimmer.
that’s when i found this dress in my closet. completely embroidered on the top, and a beige high-low at the bottom, it seems to be an extravagant dress that never really found it’s way into any of my formal events or dinner dates. the beauty of this dress lies with how the pailettes work together with the sheer high-low. combined with neutral colors, sequins are day-time suitable, which is what this dress is all about. now that sequins are acceptable for day-time attire—hooray!—i knew that this dress was ready to leave the hanger._MG_1774
not too flashy, not too casual—and the cut-out sides take away from the “girly” factor and make it a little more playful._MG_1794

so don’t limit yourself to neon colors and floral prints; try the sequin trends and look tres chic for the beautiful spring days.

thanks to beatrice for being a superb model.
xxx- kimber

model: beatrice verhoeven
hair: cameron santiago at christophe
photography: the two photography
flowers: marquez family farm
art direction: kimber romero

// dress found at a boutique in Ibiza // ring // bracelet //

in full spring

spring has arrived — officially! i can’t wait to take advantage of all that spring has to offer here in the sonoma valley! our infamous farmers market, the film festival, wine releases. not to mention dressing for the occasions in springs latests! but three days out of the week are spent watching my daughter play and practice softball (while simultaneously chasing my toddler off the field). so on those days, i need something practical, girly and with a perfectly tomboy twist!

in full spring

shelf life

my bare walls are begging for shelves. luckily, i have seen some great shelves lately and here are my two favorites!


this one from sfgirlbybay is amazing! she had it custom built around her window and the cupboard space with the sliding doors is genius. victoria’s cottage was done so well and it was fun to see her posts of the journey from when she moved in. i had the pleasure of meeting her at this feetfirst + blogshop last april. she gave out some tattoos she had made for her blog and when i found it in my purse after- i was so thrilled since i became an instant follower of her blog. i sported her tat for sure!


this one is from french by design. remember the office spaces i posted here? well, this has become another one of my favorite blogs. it just so happens, i stumbled across this blog through sfgirlbybay column, i could live here. i absolutely love these. it gives the room so much.


i must consider something like these shelves in my place, since my living room is long enough to section off two separate spaces with this idea. ah- and look at those floors! both of these spaces make me melt

// photo 1 / photo 2 / photo 3 //

inspired by lately

let’s start the week of right with a dose of inspiration. i’ve definitely been inspired by a couple particular blogs and colors lately, so i’ve put together a board of them because they really keep me going. it’s the pretty florals, and ice cream colors that have really stricken me the past couple of weeks! i hope you enjoy! and do take a look at  miss mosskontour kontour, and leela cyd, because they’re aces!