shelf life

by thebeaublogmck

my bare walls are begging for shelves. luckily, i have seen some great shelves lately and here are my two favorites!


this one from sfgirlbybay is amazing! she had it custom built around her window and the cupboard space with the sliding doors is genius. victoria’s cottage was done so well and it was fun to see her posts of the journey from when she moved in. i had the pleasure of meeting her at this feetfirst + blogshop last april. she gave out some tattoos she had made for her blog and when i found it in my purse after- i was so thrilled since i became an instant follower of her blog. i sported her tat for sure!


this one is from french by design. remember the office spaces i posted here? well, this has become another one of my favorite blogs. it just so happens, i stumbled across this blog through sfgirlbybay column, i could live here. i absolutely love these. it gives the room so much.


i must consider something like these shelves in my place, since my living room is long enough to section off two separate spaces with this idea. ah- and look at those floors! both of these spaces make me melt

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