motherly monday // un

by thebeaublogmck


well — it happened. everett had his very first temper tantrum(s) over the weekend. i’m all too familiar with school-aged and teenaged tantrums, but since I’m about 7 years (give or take) out of practice with toddler tantrums, it took me a second to recall what works. my method was to remove him from the situation (in this case it was the kitchen where he wanted something he couldn’t have), very briefly and calmly explained what was happening and then walked away. of course he continued to cry (okay, scream), but after revisiting the situation a couple times, he calmed down and after about 3 minutes, he had forgotten why he started crying in the first place and was happy as a clam! i’m curious, what do you do when your toddlers have tantrums? and what about your older children; do they still have “tantrums”?

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