motherly monday // deux

by thebeaublogmck


could it be true? my favorite diaper company is putting vending machines in my nearby parks and malls? i’ve been waiting for the day that honest diapers become available somewhere other than online!

except—sadly it’s not true; it’s just their april fool’s day joke (seen here). but it did get me thinking how convenient (not to mention amazing) that would be. ’cause lets face it, we all forget our diaper bag essentials once and a while. and i really don’t want to settle for a product i don’t trust.

not too long ago, i forgot to pack diapers and my husband teasingly asked me, “how can you forget to put diapers in the diaper bag?” we laughed as we wrapped him in his extra change of clothes hoping he wouldn’t have an accident before we got home. because i didn’t have it in me to buy an entire pack of standard store-bought diapers i would never use again. what would you have done in a similar situation? and what are your favorite products? i’d love to know!

// top image: the honest company / bottom images: taken by me of everett in honest diapers //