yeah, i’d wear that

by thebeaublogmck

sometimes it’s so nice to see a bunch of pretty things all in one place! here is a new installment where i’ll post a few pretty items that make me sigh. let’s begin with these fantastic sunglasses from owl. these three german guys got together and created a line of sunglasses that are stylish and not too expensive. “woot-woot!”
photo 1

photo 2
sandals are my staple! if i could wear them year round, i definitely would! luckily, LA gives me plenty of sandal appropriate weather.

photo 3

can you tell i have spring fever? the weather has been perfect! i can’t remember the last time i felt real spring weather and it’s so special to experience it. i can’t quite get over how much i love this dress. not only the paint splattered fabric but the open back…it’s beautiful.


what are your warm weather staples?


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