Month: May, 2013

playing dress up

i found myself this weekend searching my closet over and over for the right outfit to wear to a barbecue. we all have those days when we just can’t quite get the outfit together…. so i went online to my favorite shops and chose some items i wish i’d had in my closet at that moment. here’s what i wanted:
once i had an idea of what i would have liked to wear, i then took another look in my closet to see if i had anything that could give me this look. it worked out quite well! i wore a soft blue denim dress with color block sandals almost like what i have above, except they were flats. i paired that with simple jewelry and my favorite YSL red lipstick. sometimes if you make a greater effort, you don’t have to go out to buy an all new outfit. however, this doesn’t mean i won’t be at madewell this week trying that silk dress on for real – it’s so fun to play dress up once in a while, isn’t it?

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xxx- beau.


happy happy

birthdays come but once a year! happy birthday to our dear sister, cassa! today- we celebrate YOU!


champagne thursday

it is thursday yet again and we will be celebrating the end of this week with some amazing wine. i had the immense  pleasure of a wine tasting at the incredible rancho valencia resort in san diego this week and i am going to tell you about my new favorite wine, the lucia pinot noirthe lucia pinots are crafted from the grapes of 3 farms in the santa lucia highlands and are insanely good! needless to say- spit buckets were not used. cheers, friends!

have a happy weekend!
xxx -kimber

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champagne thursday


as of late, “cheers!” is a frequently used term in our house. everett is constantly learning new words. and “cheers” is definitely a new favorite of his — okay and mine! he will cheers with his cup, fork, or basically anything he has in his little hand! and he insists on clinking cups, forks and even his hand full of peas with every single person at the table. so needless to say, we are cheers-ing (and often) regardless of what’s in our glass! and we hope you are too!

it’s friday eve! cheers!

i love this

this painting by Katrin Coetzer is so lovely. i can’t decide if i’d rather be laying on that towel with the lions or up above looking down. either way, this makes me feel at ease. have a happy wednesday.


date time

i wanted to take a moment to send out a little reminder to plan fun dates here and there, no matter how long you’ve been with your special someone. it can be so easy to go out with a group of friends and that’s great, but lets remember to take time out just for each other and do something a bit different.

this week, i’ll be planning a fun beach date with my guy where we can lounge comfortably for the day to talk, nap, and play. both of us being so busy doesn’t leave a lot of time for just the two of us to even walk down to the beach, so i can’t wait to leave work behind this weekend (i know, it’s only tuesday)!
don’t get me wrong, i absolutely love my creative work, it’s what i live for but working full time and spending all of my extra time on the blog and my photography…it can be very emotionally draining. so, let’s not forget to take time out and focus on the special people in our lives AND ourselves.

check back next week for photos of our fun day at the beach.

xxx- kimber

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a few of my favorite links


happy friday all! i’m very much looking forward to this weekend; mother’s day to be more specific. mother’s day in our house is usually goes a little like this: i get to sleep in (yay!) — until my kids awaken me with breakfast in bed and french-pressed coffee. then they waste very little time pulling me out of bed and downstairs to open their handmade gifts. my husband always has a sweet card for me sitting next to a new plant (which i always manage to kill), and later i am surprised with a fun day they had all planned out! i can’t wait to see what’s in store this year! what traditions do you have for mother’s day?

p.s. here are a few my favorite things from the web this week!

love these iphone cases… and basically anything else from her lovely little shop!

the perfect wallpaper for those who rent! (this design is my fav)

80 stems of fresh ranunculus in mixed hues; perfect for any occasion (or no occasion at all)!

she & him’s ‘volume 3’ came out this week! love! if you haven’t already heard ‘volume 1’ and ‘volume 2’, you really should!

gorgeous magnets which are sure to spruce up any refrigerator (or in my case ugly file cabinets from the 60’s)!

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ready to go!


if i wasn’t already dying to get away, i certainly am now thanks to the beautifully nostalgic photographs by clemens fantur. time to plan my next getaway!

you can see the tumblr here:

motherly monday

whenever i think of mother’s day, i am reminded of all the times me and my sisters would wake up super early, tip toe into the kitchen and begin the loud and messy process of making our mom breakfast in bed.  here are some items i found particularly sweet for any mom who loves to have breakfast bedside.
first and foremost, you need beautiful flowers.  because no matter what we say, every girl loves flowers.  you can have these fresh peonies delivered right to your door.  i suggest laying a single stem on the serving tray and arranging the rest in a mason jar with a thoughtful note next to her bed. 
but the most critical item you’ll need for serving her in bed, is a tray to serve her breakfast on! i adore these handmade trays from ej butik’s etsy store!
make her the fluffiest pancakes and serve them on these pretty plates!  and for a healthy side, put half a grapefruit in one of these bowls.
make her coffee just the way she likes it.  she’ll love these mugs — mom’s love their initials on just about anything.
She will find any reason to use these gorgeous gold-dipped spoons – trust me. 
the perfect egg cups for perfectly boiled eggs! 
lastly, she’ll love a new set of pj’s to enjoy her special morning in.  this vintage pajama set is both practical and a little indulgent!

happy mother’s day from the sisters here at beau. xxx


a couple weeks ago, i won a very sweet card by victoria vu of paper & type via emma dime. the contest was for the ranunculus card but she also sent over some other goodies, lucky me!
you can see the lovely lady blog post here and you should take a look at both emma and victoria’s sites, they’re aces! thanks for the lovelies, victoria!

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