when school is out for summer

by thebeaublogmck


i work with kids on the daily, and it’s all about a schedule- so summer is a time we get to take a break from the busy routine and have a little fun. i really try to mix things up during the week so we are not bored at the house.
if you’re like me and try to keep the day exciting for the little ones, check out some of the things I have lined up !

tipi– ok, this is a cool factor for everyone! I’ve always wanted to have a little hide away like this as a kid so I’m really looking forward to building this! Throw down a cozy blanket and voila! the perfect spot for story telling!

bake shop– all kids love treats and sweets, and if yours are anything like the ones I know they love helping me bake more than eating them! (we like to pretend we are on cupcake wars and set up a judge panel)
it’s a messy job but, fun!

tattly– pretty much the cutest fake tattoos ever. They’re kid friendly and adorable.
become a foe tattoo artist for the day and the kids will think you’re totes cool!

lemonade stand – we love doing this! It’s fun making the signs and lets face it- adorable to see the kids selling their lemonade to the neighbors. It’s really something sweet! lemonade + summer go hand-in-hand!

flower crown – take a nature walk with the kiddos and collect a small bouquet to make your crowns. ( use leaves to make the boys a crown)

more cool stuff to come soon!

in the mean time we would love to hear some of your ideas!