motherly monday

by thebeaublogmck

whenever i think of mother’s day, i am reminded of all the times me and my sisters would wake up super early, tip toe into the kitchen and begin the loud and messy process of making our mom breakfast in bed.  here are some items i found particularly sweet for any mom who loves to have breakfast bedside.
first and foremost, you need beautiful flowers.  because no matter what we say, every girl loves flowers.  you can have these fresh peonies delivered right to your door.  i suggest laying a single stem on the serving tray and arranging the rest in a mason jar with a thoughtful note next to her bed. 
but the most critical item you’ll need for serving her in bed, is a tray to serve her breakfast on! i adore these handmade trays from ej butik’s etsy store!
make her the fluffiest pancakes and serve them on these pretty plates!  and for a healthy side, put half a grapefruit in one of these bowls.
make her coffee just the way she likes it.  she’ll love these mugs — mom’s love their initials on just about anything.
She will find any reason to use these gorgeous gold-dipped spoons – trust me. 
the perfect egg cups for perfectly boiled eggs! 
lastly, she’ll love a new set of pj’s to enjoy her special morning in.  this vintage pajama set is both practical and a little indulgent!

happy mother’s day from the sisters here at beau. xxx