date time

by thebeaublogmck

today, we have a simple guide on how to create a great beach side date with your guy! remember this post? we kept things pretty low key, and made it a nice spot to enjoy the day together.
step 1- location. we found a great spot in malibu that wasn’t very busy, so it felt like we had the beach all to ourselves!
step 2- bring along the necessities. for us, that meant  a beach blanket, food, drinks, music, surf board.
we kept it very simple with a refreshing cocktail and a cherries to snack on. see below for drink recipe.
step 3- personalize the date. my first gift to felix when we started dating 3 years ago was this record player and pheonix album. we brought it along to the beach for fun, but an iPod will do the trick just as well.
step 4- have fun and relax! it’s nice to have options so we brought the surfboard to be active but we also brought along light reading for when we wanted to lay around. we highly recommend the book, “let’s explore diabetes with owls”, by the always hilarious, david sedaris. we laughed so much reading this book together!
before we headed out for dinner at a local seafood spot, we ran into the water one last time and splashed around. it’s so important to let loose and act like kids every once in a while, right?!

our simple cocktail: gin + tonic with muddled basil
2 ounces gin
4 ounces tonic water
6 basil leaves lightly chopped and muddled
-combine each ingredient in a cocktail shaker. shake, pour + enjoy!

xxx- kimber