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date time

i wanted to take a moment to send out a little reminder to plan fun dates here and there, no matter how long you’ve been with your special someone. it can be so easy to go out with a group of friends and that’s great, but lets remember to take time out just for each other and do something a bit different.

this week, i’ll be planning a fun beach date with my guy where we can lounge comfortably for the day to talk, nap, and play. both of us being so busy doesn’t leave a lot of time for just the two of us to even walk down to the beach, so i can’t wait to leave work behind this weekend (i know, it’s only tuesday)!
don’t get me wrong, i absolutely love my creative work, it’s what i live for but working full time and spending all of my extra time on the blog and my photography…it can be very emotionally draining. so, let’s not forget to take time out and focus on the special people in our lives AND ourselves.

check back next week for photos of our fun day at the beach.

xxx- kimber

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a few of my favorite links


happy friday all! i’m very much looking forward to this weekend; mother’s day to be more specific. mother’s day in our house is usually goes a little like this: i get to sleep in (yay!) — until my kids awaken me with breakfast in bed and french-pressed coffee. then they waste very little time pulling me out of bed and downstairs to open their handmade gifts. my husband always has a sweet card for me sitting next to a new plant (which i always manage to kill), and later i am surprised with a fun day they had all planned out! i can’t wait to see what’s in store this year! what traditions do you have for mother’s day?

p.s. here are a few my favorite things from the web this week!

love these iphone cases… and basically anything else from her lovely little shop!

the perfect wallpaper for those who rent! (this design is my fav)

80 stems of fresh ranunculus in mixed hues; perfect for any occasion (or no occasion at all)!

she & him’s ‘volume 3’ came out this week! love! if you haven’t already heard ‘volume 1’ and ‘volume 2’, you really should!

gorgeous magnets which are sure to spruce up any refrigerator (or in my case ugly file cabinets from the 60’s)!

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i’ve been wanting to post about the new film, the great gatsby for a couple of weeks now. i spent my morning looking at the BHLDN site and watching the 1974 version of the great gatsby and realized that i finally had my post inspiration! the costumes were so beautiful in this film! i’ve kinda always wanted to throw a roaring 20s party just so i have an excuse to dress that glamorous. after searching BHLDN, i found some pieces that really said, “gatsby” to me and you can add them to your outfit without actually attending a themed party.
now lets talk about the cast! the 1974 version starred mia farrow and robert redford, both of whom i love. this year we get to see leonardo dicaprio, carey mulligan, isla fisher, and toby maguire, to name a few. i have a feeling this will be my favorite leo film since romeo+juliet (they both happen to be directed by baz luhrmann).
i had a lot of fun looking at all of the book covers made for the f. scott fitzgerald novel. they are so beautiful, i love how these artists capture bits from the movie and make them into the book cover. there must be a version for each theme of the story, money; greed; beauty; love, passion….how much do you love the gold modern look?
i’ll definitely be there may 11 watching in awe, i’m sure.

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yeah, i’d wear that

sometimes it’s so nice to see a bunch of pretty things all in one place! here is a new installment where i’ll post a few pretty items that make me sigh. let’s begin with these fantastic sunglasses from owl. these three german guys got together and created a line of sunglasses that are stylish and not too expensive. “woot-woot!”
photo 1

photo 2
sandals are my staple! if i could wear them year round, i definitely would! luckily, LA gives me plenty of sandal appropriate weather.

photo 3

can you tell i have spring fever? the weather has been perfect! i can’t remember the last time i felt real spring weather and it’s so special to experience it. i can’t quite get over how much i love this dress. not only the paint splattered fabric but the open back…it’s beautiful.


what are your warm weather staples?


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row, row, row your boat

last week, we wrote about spring style. here’s a sweet little video that sums up our day on the canals and you can really see beatrice’s dress in action.

by the way, i have to mention that i learned how to make videos in february at video blogshop! bri and angela are so great that they actually teach you how to make videos in photoshop in 1 day! i have a long way to go with my video skills but while editing, i was able to see all the things i can do differently for next time and i  know that they will just get better and better! so look out! for now, enjoy this one.

xxx- beau.