ready to go!


if i wasn’t already dying to get away, i certainly am now thanks to the beautifully nostalgic photographs by clemens fantur. time to plan my next getaway!

you can see the tumblr here:


motherly monday

whenever i think of mother’s day, i am reminded of all the times me and my sisters would wake up super early, tip toe into the kitchen and begin the loud and messy process of making our mom breakfast in bed.  here are some items i found particularly sweet for any mom who loves to have breakfast bedside.
first and foremost, you need beautiful flowers.  because no matter what we say, every girl loves flowers.  you can have these fresh peonies delivered right to your door.  i suggest laying a single stem on the serving tray and arranging the rest in a mason jar with a thoughtful note next to her bed. 
but the most critical item you’ll need for serving her in bed, is a tray to serve her breakfast on! i adore these handmade trays from ej butik’s etsy store!
make her the fluffiest pancakes and serve them on these pretty plates!  and for a healthy side, put half a grapefruit in one of these bowls.
make her coffee just the way she likes it.  she’ll love these mugs — mom’s love their initials on just about anything.
She will find any reason to use these gorgeous gold-dipped spoons – trust me. 
the perfect egg cups for perfectly boiled eggs! 
lastly, she’ll love a new set of pj’s to enjoy her special morning in.  this vintage pajama set is both practical and a little indulgent!

happy mother’s day from the sisters here at beau. xxx


a couple weeks ago, i won a very sweet card by victoria vu of paper & type via emma dime. the contest was for the ranunculus card but she also sent over some other goodies, lucky me!
you can see the lovely lady blog post here and you should take a look at both emma and victoria’s sites, they’re aces! thanks for the lovelies, victoria!

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inspired by lately // deux

thanks to GURAFIKU, i get a good fill of great vintage and modern japanese graphic design. it’s so fun to look at and i get really inspired.
tumblr_mjphxjCuic1qaz1ado1_500 tumblr_mkkz7mMFq31qaz1ado1_500 tumblr_ml9zn8nFOM1qaz1ado1_500
the layouts and the simplicity- well done!

when school is out for summer


i work with kids on the daily, and it’s all about a schedule- so summer is a time we get to take a break from the busy routine and have a little fun. i really try to mix things up during the week so we are not bored at the house.
if you’re like me and try to keep the day exciting for the little ones, check out some of the things I have lined up !

tipi– ok, this is a cool factor for everyone! I’ve always wanted to have a little hide away like this as a kid so I’m really looking forward to building this! Throw down a cozy blanket and voila! the perfect spot for story telling!

bake shop– all kids love treats and sweets, and if yours are anything like the ones I know they love helping me bake more than eating them! (we like to pretend we are on cupcake wars and set up a judge panel)
it’s a messy job but, fun!

tattly– pretty much the cutest fake tattoos ever. They’re kid friendly and adorable.
become a foe tattoo artist for the day and the kids will think you’re totes cool!

lemonade stand – we love doing this! It’s fun making the signs and lets face it- adorable to see the kids selling their lemonade to the neighbors. It’s really something sweet! lemonade + summer go hand-in-hand!

flower crown – take a nature walk with the kiddos and collect a small bouquet to make your crowns. ( use leaves to make the boys a crown)

more cool stuff to come soon!

in the mean time we would love to hear some of your ideas!


saturday any day

undoubtably, we all know about kate spade saturday by now. and yes, it’s amazing. the weekender bag is perfect for- well, a weekend trip. not only is it super cute, you can also design your own.

the shoe compartment is one of my favorite features. now go design yours and enjoy a weekend away!
xxx -beau.

a few of my favorite links


what are you all up to this weekend? aside from planning some summertime weekend trips, we’ll be doing some shopping (see below). but mostly just enjoying the warm sonoma sun! here a few of my favorite links from the web this week:

if my mother didn’t already have one of these, this would be the perfect mother’s day gift!

love these tips on how to get fit — at your desk!

I cannot wait to hear this new album by nick drake.

these pajamas are perfect for a lazy saturday!

j. crew is having a 25% off sale and gap just launched the DVF collection for kids and baby! I am so there!

happy weekend!


ok- i am seriously looking forward to summer, aren’t you!? i am especially looking forward to planning my ” mini-stays” (just for the weekend)
all though i do love jetting off to places farther than the desert or down the coast i can’t deny what they have to offer
check out some of our favorite places not so far away for a sweet mini- getaway.


one: rosa muerta joshua tree, ca
the absolute gem of architectural design. this combines luxury living with a glamorous way of camping.
“glamping”- it’s modern and so divine.

two: post ranch inn big sur,ca
for the romantic mini stay— right this way, please.

three: inn above the tide sausalito, ca
san fransisco is always a good idea- but if you have never been to sausalito, you will be charmed I’m sure.

four: ace hotel + swim club palm springs, ca
time to let lose! A place to relax and party with a group of your bests. It’s the hippest boutique hotel around- plus
who doesn’t love a good pool party!? Ahh- palm springs…

summer, hurry up!

cheers to the freakin’ weekend!
the beau. girls

champagne thursday // six

champagne thursday // six

it’s no secret I love all things champagne — so would really you be surprised that I love it’s color as well? – m.

// equipment blouse / parker zoey skirt / michael kors bag / j.crew pumps / monsoon bangles / occa home flutes / jennifer meyer ring //

// blouse / skirt / bag / pumps / bangles / flutes / ring //


i’ve been wanting to post about the new film, the great gatsby for a couple of weeks now. i spent my morning looking at the BHLDN site and watching the 1974 version of the great gatsby and realized that i finally had my post inspiration! the costumes were so beautiful in this film! i’ve kinda always wanted to throw a roaring 20s party just so i have an excuse to dress that glamorous. after searching BHLDN, i found some pieces that really said, “gatsby” to me and you can add them to your outfit without actually attending a themed party.
now lets talk about the cast! the 1974 version starred mia farrow and robert redford, both of whom i love. this year we get to see leonardo dicaprio, carey mulligan, isla fisher, and toby maguire, to name a few. i have a feeling this will be my favorite leo film since romeo+juliet (they both happen to be directed by baz luhrmann).
i had a lot of fun looking at all of the book covers made for the f. scott fitzgerald novel. they are so beautiful, i love how these artists capture bits from the movie and make them into the book cover. there must be a version for each theme of the story, money; greed; beauty; love, passion….how much do you love the gold modern look?
i’ll definitely be there may 11 watching in awe, i’m sure.

shop the BHLDN items // 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 //